Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lighting A Candle Without Touching It

If you've ever relit a candle by igniting the smoke, this is what it looks like in super slow motion. And of course, The Slow Mo Guys give a brief explanation of what's happening.

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Americans Gave Their Lives To Defeat The Nazis. The Dutch Have Never Forgotten

image credit: Raymond Klaassen

They haven't forgotten. For 70 years, the Dutch have come to a verdant U.S. cemetery outside the small village of Margraten to care for the graves of Americans killed in World War II. Last Sunday, they came again, bearing Memorial Day bouquets for men and women they never knew, but whose 8,300 headstones the people of the Netherlands have adopted as their own.

At the cemetery's annual commemoration, 6,000 people poured onto the 65-acre burial grounds just a few miles from the German border, including scores of descendants of American war dead who had traveled here from all over the United States.

They were eager to pay tribute to parents or grandparents who had died to defeat the Nazis. But they also wanted to thank the Dutch families who had been tending the graves of their loved ones, often passing the responsibility from one generation to the next.

Wolfram Created A Website That Will Identify Any Image You Throw At It

One of the most amazing things you can do with Wolfram Alpha is ask it what planes are overhead. But in many ways, Stephen Wolfram's latest search tool is more impressive. It's designed to identify anything in a picture.

You just upload a photo, and get a computer-generated guess just a few seconds later. Wolfram says it won't always get it right, but most of the time it does remarkably well. Try it out yourself at the Image Identification Project.

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The Beautiful Uummannaq Island, Greenland

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Uummannaq is a picturesque island and town in the Qaasuitsup municipality, in northwestern Greenland, and home to the most prominent mountain on the Arctic coast of western Greenland.

The entire landscape of the island is dominated by the twin peaks of the 1,170-meters high granite mountain, also named Uummannaq, that occupies almost the entire northern half of the island.

A Fistful Of Presents

An outlaw confronts Santa on Christmas eve in the old west. The outlaw, reeling from painful memories of receiving coal for Christmas wants revenge. Santa, on the other hand, is not afraid of violence and has other plans.

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20 Holiday Destinations So Fantastic They Inspired A Song

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If there are two things all creatives love, it's music and travel. But where to go? That's the big question. Why not let the power of song help decide where you travel to next, with this hotlist of great tunes that come with a holiday idea for free.

Octopus Senses Light With Its Skin

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Well known for their intelligence, flexibility and dexterity - as well as their ability to change the color, patterning, and texture of their skin - octopuses are masters of camouflage.

New research by the University of California shows that the skin of an octopus does more. It actually can sense and respond to light directly, without input from the eyes or brain.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Handcrafted Whac-A-Mole

A handmade Whac-a-Mole game for your cats. Since the designer couldn't find moles, he used rats.

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Moros Y Cristianos In Alcoy

For three days in late April, everything comes to a stop in Alcoy, as the city celebrates its famous festival of Moros y Cristianos. It's a set of festival activities which are celebrated in many towns and cities of Spain, mainly in the southern Valencian Community. According to popular tradition the festivals commemorate the battles, combats and fights between Moors and Christians during the period known as Reconquista.

Local groups parade around the city center in a series of exuberant and colorful processions which last for three days, from Saturday morning to Monday.

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Google Researchers Create Amazing Timelapses From Public Photos

There are a zillion digital photos in the public domain and scientists have just figured out something very cool to do with them. A team from Google and the University of Washington have developed a fully automated way to create time-lapse videos of popular tourists landmarks using images from Flickr, Picasa and other sites.

First, the researchers sorted some 86 million photos by geographic location, looking for widely snapped landmarks. Next, the photos were ordered by date and warped so that all had a matching viewpoint. Lastly, each photo was color-corrected to have a similar appearance, resulting in uniform time-lapse videos.

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5 Of The World's Unluckiest People

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Some folks are lightning rods for success. Others are just lightning rods. Like Violet Jessop, an ocean liner stewardess and nurse, who survived the disastrous sinkings of both the RMS Titanic and her sister ship, the HMHS Britannic, in 1912 and 1916 respectively. In addition, she had been on board the RMS Olympic, their other sister ship, when it collided with the protected cruiser HMS Hawke in 1911.

5 Of The World's Unluckiest People.

Grand Canyon Steam Train

Running between Williams, AZ and the Grand Canyon's south rim, a distance of 64 miles, the Grand Canyon Railway has become a major tourist attraction and people mover since its re-opening in 1989.

Built in 1901, the line is now owned by Xanterra Parks and Resorts. While the railroad canceled its regular steam operations in 2008, they still run ex-CBQ 2-8-2 4960 on select weekends throughout the year.

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6 Things You May Not Know About Holography

If a 2D picture is worth a thousand words, then a 3D image is worth a million. With holography, it is possible to reconstruct 3D images using holograms, and the process is unlike anything found in traditional display technology.

Even though it was invented over 70 years ago, holography remains the best candidate for achieving true 3D displays. Here are 6 things you may not know about the strange and wonderful world of holography.

Welcome To Ordos, The World's Largest Ghost City

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Built for over a million people, the city of Ordos was designed to be the crowning glory of Inner Mongolia. Doomed to incompletion however, this futuristic metropolis now rises empty out of the deserts of northern China. Only 2% of its buildings were ever filled; the rest has largely been left to decay, abandoned mid-construction.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Clockwork Carl

LarrivaArt made a tribute to Carl Sagan.

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Should You Eat The Rind On Cheese?

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The rind is the outside layer that is part of the cheese's aging process. It's sort of like the crust on bread - it's part of the cheese so you can in fact, and absolutely should (depending how adventurous your palate is), eat it. Well, that is unless of course the rind is made out of wax, bark, or cheesecloth.

The rind is where the ripening starts, which is why a cheese's most complex and often most pungent tastes live there. The rind can tell you the story of how the cheese was made and a great deal about the flavor profile before you even bite into it.


A band performs a little lullaby about size.

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The World's Smallest Park Is Only 2 Feet Wide

image credit: Craig Dietrich

The world's smallest park is only 2 feet wide. It's just a small tree surrounded by a bit of grass. In 1946, Dick Fagan, a journalist in Portland, Oregon, noticed that there was a hole in the median of a street where a lamppost used to stand.

He decided to put it to good use by building a park there. Fagan named it Mills End Park after the title of his regular newspaper column, Mills End. The City of Portland acquired it in 1976, so it's an official city park.

Bacon Tape

Bacon Tape is the ideal item to bind things together in a deliciously meaty way. Each plastic dispenser comes with 100 feet of 3/4" wide tape that looks like an endless strip of bacon. This is the perfect thing if you accidentally rip your pig and need to repair him. Bacon Tape is so awesome, you'll rip things on purpose.

The 10 Best Unsung Female Scientists

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Rachel Swaby, author of a book highlighting women's contributions to science, chooses her favourite female scientists, from the greatest dinosaur hunter to the inventor of Kevlar.