Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Spinning Bowling Ball Trick Shot

Bowling trick shot by Michael Long, attempted in Springfield on March 30, 2014.

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The Biggest Business Rivalries Of All Time

We've all known businesses to be competitive, but do some go so far as to become rivals? After all when you're both competing for similar sectors of the market, you're almost certainly not going to want your competitors to be doing as well as you.

This infographic by Glotech Repairs gives some background information about some huge brands, but also explains the top business rivalries and the story behind how they became as competitive as they are.

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Mariners Today Still Use A Math Genius' 1802 Navigation Guide

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There are certain books that become a center of gravity for people, a guide to life and to work. For many people, that's the Bible. For American mariners, over the last 200 years, that book has been Bowditch.

Officially, the book is titled The American Practical Navigator, but it's more commonly called Bowditch after Nathaniel Bowditch, the young prodigy who wrote the original 1802 edition. For two centuries, copies of this book have settled themselves onto the bridges of ships circling the globe, and helped guide mariners safely from place to place.

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Whales Swimming Under The Northern Lights

A photographer captured spectacular video of a group of humpback whales swimming under the northern lights off the coast of Norway.

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21 Passengers We Hate On Flights

Flying can be a stressful time - you've got to worry about what to pack, getting to the airport on time, checking you have your passport and making sure you haven't accidentally smuggled a full bottle of water in your hand luggage.

But there's more. Screaming babies, drunken revellers, and the guy that has reclined his seat so far that he is crushing your legs are all on board and ready to make your flight miserable.
Just The Flight have conducted a survey of 5000 people to find the 21 types of people we hate most on flights.

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The 25 Most Ruthless Leaders Of All Time

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One man's hero is another man's tyrant, a popular aphorism goes. But while we can argue the validity and virtue of certain political agendas, the callous methods by which some leaders attain their goals are less up to interpretation.

Here's a list of the most ruthless leaders of all time featuring men and women who employed merciless tactics to achieve their political and military agendas.

How 9 Famous Candy Brands Got Their Names

image credit: Serdar Kilic

Some candy names are pretty straightforward (we love you, SweeTARTS), while others are a bit more obscure. Here are the name origins of a few delicious favorites.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Bridge Girder Erection Mega Machine

Watch this 580 ton heavy SLJ900/32 Bridge Girder Erection Mega Machine construct a bridge in China.

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Summer Olympic Games Over The Years Through Historical Posters

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Since the Modern Olympics began in 1896, there have been 27 Summer Olympic Games held in 22 different cities. Here is the history of Summer Olympic Games through wonderful posters from 1896 to 2012.

Playing Hide And Seek

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The Long, Sweet Love Affair Between Cops And Doughnuts

image credit: JD Hancock

It's a scene procedural writers probably see in their sleep - a burglar slides open a window, grabs the jewels, and high-tails it, leaving screaming alarm sirens in his wake. The dispatcher gets the call and picks up the radio. Cut to: an officer of the law or two, hanging out in the cruiser or posted up on a corner - and munching on doughnuts.

But every cliché was born for a reason. A cowboy needs a horse, a fireman needs a dalmatian, and a doctor needs a stethoscope. But why does a cop need a doughnut?

Oxfam - Food Security

The Philippines the most disaster-prone country in the world and climate change is a contributing factor. This video, commissioned by Oxfam, is an educational piece explaining how acting locally can have a global effect.

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10 Of The Worst Product Fails In History

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In the eyes of the law (in the U.S., at least), corporations are recognized as people. They can misbehave like people, they can be greedy like people, and they can be extremely dumb, which is very much like people.

This list is dedicated to ridiculing some of the dumbest corporate decisions that led to the most epic failed products of all time.

12 Surprising Facts About Nobel Prizes

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From prison time to the intricacies of transporting the prize itself, this award can be rife with complications. Difficulties associated with the Nobel Prize started even before the world's most prestigious award was first given out in 1901. Here are some tales and factoids, some offered up by the laureates themselves.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Women's Eyewear: 1930s To Now

Yesterday I posted Men's Eyewear: 1930s To Now. Here's Women's Eyewear: 1930s To Now.

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A Living Fossil Returns

A rare species of nautilus, Allonautilus scrobiculatus, not seen in three decades, was spotted recently off of Papua New Guinea. University of Washington biologist Peter Ward last saw the elusive variation, which has a thick, hairy, slimy covering on its shell, back in 1984.

Returning to the same reef to study nautilus populations this past August, Ward again caught sight of the rare nautilus. Nautiloids are often referred to as 'living fossils' since they've not evolved much over their 500 million years on earth.

43 Charmingly Odd British Town Names

There are a lot of charmingly suggestive and bizarre town names in Great Britain. Here are 43 of them.

Pale Blue Dot

A visual response to Carl Sagan's famed 'Pale Blue Dot' monologue, where he muses on our planet's appearance in a photograph taken by the Voyager 1 space probe. The most distant photograph ever taken of Earth.

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Google Maps Streetview Player

The Google maps Streetview player will take in either a starting point and end point, or a provided file of a route and provide a playthrough of the Google Streetview images that are available. You can pick what travel mode you want: driving, bicycling, transit and walking.

10 Unnecessary Fears People Had Of Everyday Things

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While it is quite normal for humans to have fears and doubts about new things, we have sometimes taken these fears to highly unnecessary levels. Many changes through history have been met with fear that they will destroy people's bodies, minds, morality, or some combination thereof. Spoiler alert: They didn't.